Wish interactive had a grand occasion in the first day of TGS

2018-09-21 17:38:12

Wish interactive had a grand occasion in the first day of TGS.


The first day of Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is also the business open day. Wish Interactive, located at C07 booth in the 5th building of Makuhari Messe, attracted numbers of medias and players because of its striking and spectacular booth design.

The exquisite booth with overhanging eaves, abundant interactive events, captured many medias and business partners' attention.


A continuous stream of players came to experience the games brought by Wish Interactive

Accumulating over hundreds of practitioners of gaming industry within one day.  Professional staffs from famous medias and animation producers like 4 Gamer, DIGITAL HEARTS, G-ANGLE, and representative from Amazon Japan showed great interest in the games, and stopped for a conversation to understand the games better.

A well-known Coser has showed up at the booth of Wish Interactive, attracted many fans came and had a geoup people


The ‘try on activity’ of Han Chinese Cloth received a eager response.

Ancient Chinese costumes are extremely popular on site, fascinating the visitors into the glamour of Chinese culture.


Looking forward to the better performance of Wish Interactive in the next three days.